Welcome to IMPRINT the Griffin Museum’s brand new monthly online communication.

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Welcome to IMPRINT the Griffin Museum’s brand new monthly online communication. Here, we invite you to join us as we celebrate pioneers in photography who without question shape the way we observe and document life with our cameras. In this space through words and images our goal is to be both informative and efficient reminding visitors of both the inspiration and education to be had in simply looking back.

As we launch this new online forum we find ourselves naturally turning to the timeless images created by our founder Arthur Griffin. The recent publication of Arthur’s rich canon of photographs through Digital Commonwealth has endowed us a golden opportunity to revisit his robust embrace of life and his gift for telling its story with a camera.

In celebration of this occasion over the next several months IMPRINT will be saluting “Griff”, highlighting a blend of the iconic and a few of the hidden gems which to our eyes tell his full story as an artist and storyteller. In doing so, myself and the staff will share our thoughts and our experience with his work while at the same time welcoming the guest input of those in Arthur’s wider circles. And, as IMPRINT unfolds we look forward to in time extending our salute to feature a host of other masters whose passion for the photographic image has left more than just a signature.

So stay tuned right here where the museum staff and a host of guest contributors will be sharing a monthly stroke from those geniuses whose presence has amused, captivated and impressed us long after the show is over. The Griffin Museum of Photography was founded in a spirit of community. In keeping with that tradition we welcome your insights and input as we together build this new interactive forum. Ready, set, go… 

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3 Responses to Welcome to IMPRINT the Griffin Museum’s brand new monthly online communication.

  1. Thank you for a wonderful site! This looks like a Perfect Place to experience both old and new high quality photography. I am looking forward to following you along the road in this New interactive forum. Best of Luck on further development of the forum!

  2. I’m glad to see that you’ve started a blog- I’ve learned so much about photography by attending shows and talks at the Griffin Museum. Can’t wait to check out the digital archives!

  3. Mariana Bartolomeo says:

    I am most interested in and look forward to the Archives becoming available!
    Thank you for this opportunity!

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