The Griffin Museum at Cambridge Homes

Anima Mundi
Photographs by R. Lee Post
September 9, 2014-November 3, 2014

R.Lee Post, Puddle Person Blues, from Anima Mundi series

R. Lee Post

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R. Lee Post

R.Lee Post, Puddle Person Blues, from Anima Mundi series thumbnail
LVL2-08-11-  1132 - Version 2 thumbnail

R. Lee Post has been finding appearances of Anima Mundi when photographing in the natural world. Anima Mundi is described by Jungian psychologist as “that soul-spark, that seminal image, which offers itself through each thing in its visible form.”

A series of Post’s photographs, Anima Mundi, is featured at the Griffin Museum at The Cambridge Homes in Cambridge MA, September 9 through November 3, 2014.

“In unexpected places I discover and photograph fantastic faces, lyrical dancers, cartoon characters, archetypal figures and sometimes surreal or demonic subjects, “ says Post. “These appearances are often like Rorchach imagery with multiple interpretations.” She adds, “By photographing my interpretations of Anima Mundi, I hope to encourage others to see more soulfully and become more aware that spirit permeates everything.”

R. Lee Post is a Cambridge-based photographer and a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design receiving her MFA in photography studying with Harry Callahan and other photography greats.

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