Vicky Stromee Intimate Details

Intimate Details
Vicky Stromee
November 14, 2013–January 20, 2014

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Vicky Stromee

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Vicky Stromee

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After her career as a psychotherapist, Stromee found refuge in the natural world and through photographing, turned chaos into satisfying connections.

A series of her photographs, Intimate Details, is featured at the Griffin Museum at Aberjona River Gallery in Winchester, MA, September 12 through November 7.

“When I slow down, watch, and wait, life unfolds its mysteries and things that are familiar to me give way to fields of color, shape, and texture.” says Stromee. “I begin as the observer, watching as ephemeral patterns emerge and dissolve, each moment a unique confluence of light and object. And then, life’s chaos resolves into a deeply satisfying feeling of connection.
She adds, “In this series I’ve created intimate portraits that give form to the magic and mystery that I feel, and challenge the viewer to experience the extraordinary that is in the ordinary.”

Vicky has lived in Tucson since 1976 when she moved there to pursue a Master’s Degree in Counseling at the University of Arizona. When she retired from a long career in counseling, she turned her attention to photography, ultimately finding her niche in photographing natural subjects. Growing up immersed in the arts, watching images emerge in the darkroom and spending afternoons lying under the baby grand piano feeling the resonance of sound waves, Stromee was influenced to make the images she does today.

Vicky’s work hangs in galleries, as well as in private and corporate collections from Vermont to Oregon. Her work has been featured at Waxlander Gallery in Santa Fe and she has gallery representation through PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury VT and art+interiors in New York.