Sue D’Arcy Fuller: Memory

Sue D’Arcy Fuller
January 14, 2013

1 Their Eyes Were Watching God

Dig deeper

2 Big Sur and the Oranges

One's destination is never a place

3 Peterson Field Guide

Beauty is close to home

4 Medford Victorian Era

There is something about Medford

5 Flow

Go with the flow

6 Under the Tuscan Sun

It is by riding a bicycle that you learn a country best

7 Bel Canto

The waves sang

8 Best American Stories

A rose by any other name

9 Mensa Math

The height of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity

10 My Father Was God

Measuring up to Dad

11 The Tenth Man


12 Day Trips Europe

We just wanted to do something exciting

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a slip of paper
marking a moment in time
sparks my memory

Artist’s Statement

In scanning my bookshelves, I noticed many books with tiny slips of paper sticking out; items that I had left behind. As I opened the books to pages marked with ticket stubs, receipts, handwritten notes, postcards, airline tickets and more, a flood of memories overtook me. Some memories were very specific regarding a place and time or a person; others suggested a new insight about my life… something learned.
I left the bookmarks on the exact pages where I found them, thinking that, consciously or not, there was a reason they were placed there. I chose not to alter the bookmarks physically, yet I sensed that I was slightly changing the memories they evoked merely by reminiscing with the benefit of time and experience.

This series of photographs represents memories, not only literal memories but more broadly, the human experience of reflecting on one’s life. The title of each photograph reflects this process of memory intersecting with time and experience.

Photographer Sue D’Arcy Fuller’s recent work centers on personal discovery. Her photographs of her own books and the bookmarks left behind reveal a window into moments in time that have sparked her own memories and recall the commonality of all of our experiences.

She has exhibited her work at the deCordova Museum Salon Shows, the Post Road Center for the Arts, Memorial Hall at the Cary Library in Lexington, MA, and the Griffin Museum of Photography. Sue was also the studio photographer for the full length documentary AshBash: A love story, directed by Heidi Sullivan. The film is an award winner at the Boston International Film Festival 2012 and Woods Hole Film Festival 2012.
Sue has studied photography at the deCordova Museum, Mass College of Art, Westchester Art Workshops, New England School of Photography, and the Griffin Museum of Photography.