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Horn Pond
Sean Gold
August 15, 2013–November 12, 2013

Sean Gold

Sean Gold

Sean Gold

Sean Gold

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Horn Pond in Woburn, MA. has been influential in Sean Gold’s life and evolution as a photographer.

After moving from the city to the suburbs in third grade, Horn Pond became his refuge. More than a decade later, he would roam the woods near the pond taking pictures. After he became a professional photographer, he returned to the pond to measure his photographic achievements.

A series of his photographs, Horn Pond, is featured at the Griffin Museum at Aberjona River Gallery in Winchester, MA, August 15 through October 22.

“Horn Pond was my training ground, from novice to professional,” says Gold. "It is the place I went when I felt inspired to create, or to just do anything other than what I was doing. It was there that I learned first hand that you need a higher shutter speed if you are going to catch that Great Blue Heron going for a fish, or a small aperture to make sure that whole scene, from one end of the pond to the other, is in focus".

"These images tell, or rather show, that story,” he adds. “This is part of my evolution, from my compositions, to my subject matter, to my processing. And as they say in science, for it to be a viable experiment there must be only one variable and that was my knowledge and passion."

Gold is a professional photographer from Boston. He began with photographing landscapes, and shortly after added wildlife. He recently has started photographing people.

Together with photographer David Gartner, he shot the images for an architectural book celebrating the 15th anniversary of Sunny Isles, FLA, A Source of Community Pride –The Architecture of Sunny Isles Beach.