Kathleen Volp The Melon Series

The Melon Series
Kathleen Volp
July 18, 2013–September 1, 2013

Opening reception July 18, 2013
Members talk Kathleen Volp 6:15, July 18, 2013


Kathleen Volp


Kathleen Volp

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Kathleen Volp says exploring materials is an essential part of her art making.

It is “something I inherited from my father, a contractor who loved to incorporate unusual materials into ordinary projects and elevate ordinary materials through imaginative techniques,” she explains.

In this case, the material is a cantaloupe.

A collection of her photographs, The Melon Series, is featured in the Atelier Gallery at the Griffin Museum July 18 through September 1. An opening reception with the artist is July 18, 7-8:30 p.m.

“The physical process of splitting, binding, and healing the melons; photographing them; transferring and reworking the image allows me to explore feelings of otherness and vulnerability, but also to eventually evolve out of the introspective self and into a greater context with others,” Volp says. She often prints the photograph directly onto metal, fabric, and acrylic paint skins. Other times, the photograph is transferred by decal onto a surface such as PVC or wood. It is further altered by sewing, nailing, and taping, and worked with oil paints, graphite, and other media.

“Through this additive/subtractive process, I create a visual history of the transformation of the image and self, a dialogue between the storyline and physical elements,” Volp says.

Originally from Minneapolis, she received a bachelor’s degree from SUNY/Empire State College in New York City. She also studied with Cork Marcheschi, a kinetic and neon artist, and Siah Armajani, a conceptual artist.

Volp gives a gallery talk about her exhibit, The Melon Series, for museum members at 6:15 p.m. July 18, prior to the opening reception for all exhibits.

The catalog accompanying this  exhibition is  available for  purchase.

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