Harvey Stein Workshop Exhibit-Photographing People

This exhibition is a direct result of a workshop for the Griffin Museum led by photographer and educator Harvey Stein. The 3-day workshop took place in June 2015 on the streets of Boston. It focused on providing each student knowledge of and experience in photographing people in a variety of ways, including on the street, indoor locations, and in the subject’s environment. The workshop also focused on creating inventive portraits that are personally based and meaningful. Stein juried the images for this exhibition from photographs submitted by workshop participants.

The Griffin Museum will be offering Harvey Stein’s 3-day Photographing People workshop again in June 2016. Watch for details on our website.

Exhibitors include: Kay Aubrey, Robert Bass, William Daniels, Pippi Ellison, Rebecca Field, Vivien Goldman, Sureita Hockley, Helena Long, Judith Panagotopulos, Tiziana Rosso, Eileen Scullen, Shawn Soni, Joe Staska, Anne Umphrey, and David Whitney.