Ellen Feldman, The Dancer as the Invisible Girl

Ellen Feldman has been photographing a modern dancer, Nicole Pierce for many years. In this exhibition Feldman places Pierce into frames of a Marvel Fantastic Four (FF) comic book as her alter ego Invisible Girl.

A series of Feldman’s photographs, the Dancer as the Invisible Girl, is featured in the Griffin Museum at the Stoneham Theatre in Stoneham, MA, January 16 through March 16, 2014. It runs parallel to the theater’s productions Seminar and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

Feldman holds a Ph.D. in Cinema Studies from New York University. She is the Photography Editor of the Women’s Review of Books, a bi-monthly journal published by Wellesley College.

"Through the comic form I explore how movement is limited and fragmented by the frame,” says Feldman. “The primacy of the frame links comics to photography. Comic artists and photographers love cramming things into a frame, cutting the body off
mid-limb, or keeping lots of space around the figure."

"It’s a paradox that invisibility, generally a mark of powerlessness, is the super-human quality for the only female of the Fantastic Four," says Feldman. "As a street photographer, I well understand the paradox of power that derives from invisibility."

Feldman will informally talk about her work at the gallery opening on January 16, 2014 and her comic book will be available for sale.

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