Clyde Heppner, The Ancients’ Views Portfolio

Clyde Heppner is a fine art photographer who has focused largely on depicting the landscape. His training in Psychology and Eastern art has greatly influenced how he configures the environment for the viewer.

Heppner’s series, Ancients’ Views, is featured in the Griffin Gallery at the Griffin Museum April 10 through June 8, 2014. An opening reception with the artist is April 10, 7-8:30 p.m.

"I am captivated by ancient Chinese paintings," says Clyde Heppner. “The Ancients’ Views is a series of photographs from the Chinese gardens of Suzhou and the Huangshan Mountains in China,” he says. “These locations are magical places and over the centuries Chinese master painters traveled to capture them or were inspired by them. Being in the gardens of Suzhou and the Huangshan Mountains in 2013 was a particularly powerful experience for me as it allowed me to see what the ancient masters’ saw and apply their principles to my photographic compositions."

"Clyde Heppner offers us serene studies of the landscape," says Paula Tognarelli, executive director of the Griffin Museum of Photography. "In looking at each photograph the viewer is invited into the natural world to engage in sublime dialogue."