Amanda Francoeur, Death of Goldie Series

Death of Goldie Series – Artist Statement
A reflection on routine and repeating habits we create in our daily lives.

We go through the motions and experience new things with the inevitability of death lingering heavily above our heads. We clutch at ephemeral pleasures, desperate to assuage the crushing monotony of existence. The various risks or changes we make for love, murmurs of joy, or happiness only suffice for an instant in our otherwise blip of a lifespan.

Illustrative of our own evanescence, the betta fish and goldfish are commonly recognized as short-term pets. Destined to sit on a shelf or a table, confined in a glass display, hoping the owner remembers the only required task of feeding them in order to continue their instinctual act of swimming in circles.

There is a primitive requirement of being submerged in water, as we are in air, that if subtracted, one would cease to exist. Even though we sometimes equate discomfort in the human realm to a “fish out of water”, in the aquatic world it would inevitably lead to death. We lightly empathize with the sensitive ecosystem needed to maintain a well-balanced existence.

Unlike fish, our desire and ability to achieve happiness, no matter how short lived, dwells inside us. We take leaps of faith in the self-serving pursuit of happiness. Everyone dies and life is full of events, some beneficial, some debilitating. Having the ability to digest those incidents, we deduce which direction to take next. When it ends, one venture is over, but others continue. We each go through our separate journey seeking our own sublime path.

Amanda Francoeur – Artist Bio

Primarily trained in digital arts and graphic design at the AiMiami International University of Art & Design (2008), she has since fallen in love with the tactile nature of the photographic darkroom. After extensive exploration of alternative photographic processes, she came to appreciate the rawness of the photogram.