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U-Turn, Photographs by Dominic Chavez


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"When I was 19, I tried to photograph trees as if they were people. When I examined the frames, I was disappointed," said Chavez. "As years have passed, it has become trying for me to distance myself from the difficult stories I shoot when I return home to the United States. Almost unconsciously I made a U-Turn. I found myself again drawn to places without people," he says. "But this time, when I raised my camera, the scenes came alive. I saw the embrace of trees on Cape Cod, the weeping rocks of an icy cliff in Utah, and the uncertainty on a mountaintop in Maine, where fog obscured the ocean beneath."

Dominic Chavez’s series, U-Turn, is his newest body of work focused on the landscape.

Book Design: Meg Birnbaum
Photographs and Artist Statement: Dominic Chavez
Forward: Paula Tognarelli

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