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Intimate Details, photographs by Vicky Stromee


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After her career as a psychotherapist, Stromee found refuge in the natural world and through photographing, turned chaos into satisfying connections. When I slow down, watch, and wait, life unfolds its mysteries and things that are familiar to me give way to fields of color, shape, and texture.” says Stromee.

I begin as the observer, watching as ephemeral patterns emerge and dissolve, each moment a unique confluence of light and object. And then, life’s chaos resolves into a deeply satisfying feeling of connection. She adds, “In this series I’ve created intimate portraits that give form to the magic and mystery that I feel, and challenge the viewer to experience the extraordinary that is in the ordinary.

Book design by Meg Birnbaum
Images & artist statement by Vicky Stromee
Forward by Frances Jakubek

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