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Prifti: Drawn by Light Photographs by David Prifti


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In an artist statement Concord resident, David Prifti once wrote that is was his desire to explore his life through the things that shaped his life. These formative elements were his relationships, his memories, his sense of family, rites of passage, aging and death. The creative process that led to all of his photographs was indirectly a very personal journey for him.

Two years ago, David Prifti died at age fifty of pancreatic cancer. He was a dedicated and inspirational photography teacher at Concord-Carlisle High School for twenty-five years.

This exhibition catalog for Prifti: Drawn by Light Photographs by David Prifti is culled from a collection of Prifti’s photographic assemblages and wet plate collodion images.

Book design by Meg Birnbaum
Images by David Prifti
Forward by Elin Spring
Essay by Nicholas Nixon

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