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Boston Harbor Islands Overnight Photography Excursion with Joseph Marrone


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This August 24 – 26, 2013, the Griffin Museum of Photography and Joseph Marrone are offering a workshop for members and non-members to the Boston Harbor Islands for a weekend photography excursion.  Come explore the islands for the day on Saturday, August 24 or choose to camp overnight for a one-of-a-kind photographic learning experience, Sunday, August 25 – Monday, August 26.

The Boston Harbor Islands hold a wealth of history, being active in harbor defense from 1904 to the end of World War II.

Project Description:
The goal of excursion is to give individuals an opportunity to immerse themselves in a scenic and inspiring setting that is a world away from their own. They will gain new photographic knowledge and techniques, learn the cultural history of the islands, and explore the islands remaining forts and relics.

The backdrop for the photo sessions will be the serene and lush landscape of five Islands and the fine details that show the change of architecture and life on the islands and how it’s evolved over time. Over the course of the workshop, the group will be instructed on techniques that will allow them to create interesting and lasting photographs. At the beginning of each day, I will cover the basics of landscape photography to make sure that everyone is up to speed. As the day turns into night, I will demonstrate proper camera set up for shooting nighttime photography. History on the Islands can be taught on Ferry ride to Islands, during meal breaks and over a campfire. Each person will have ample amount of time to set up his or her campsite and to eat. Since the islands aren’t very large, there is no reason to rush.

Course Description:
I am knowledgeable in most types and levels of photography but not limited to macro, portrait, HDR, panorama, nighttime, light painting, long exposure and time lapse photography. Each day we will cover a few different techniques, broken down into separate times throughout the day and night. I will encourage the photographers to start making images right away but also guiding them towards creating beautiful and strong imagery. We will discuss a few of these techniques by focusing on one of them at a time visiting new islands. History of Islands will be taught during travel and down time but referring to early history arriving at new islands.

Day Trip: Saturday, August 24, 2013

9am                Meet at Long Wharf Dock accessible by MBTA Train Aquarium                                (Blue) Haymarket (Orange)

10am              Board Ferry and Begin Workshop on the Boston Harbor Islands                               (Approx. 30 min)

10:30am        Arrive at George’s Island

11am -12pm Begin first workshop on photography and exploring the grounds;                            eat lunch on George’s island

12:30pm        Depart George’s for Lovell’s island.  I will be explaining early history                        of the Islands

12:45pm        Arrive at Lovell’s island.

1pm – 2pm     Explain brief history of Lovell’s island and continue exploring and                          focusing on photo workshop for that Island.

2:30pm           Head towards dock for next water taxi.  Depart for new island

2:45pm           Arrive at new island.  Break for snacks.

3pm – 4pm    Continue photo workshop and exploring the island

4:30pm            Head towards dock for water taxi to George’s island

4:45pm           Arrive George’s island

5pm – 6pm    Recap exploration with photographers on George’s island.  Depart                          on ferry back to Boston at 6pm.


Overnight Camping Excursion: Sunday, August 25 – Monday, August 26

 Day 1

9am    Meet at Long Wharf Dock accessible by MTBA Train Aquarium (Blue)        Haymarket (Orange)

10am Board Ferry and begin workshop on the Boston Harbor Islands (Approx.    30 min)

11am  On George’s Island; will load onto water taxi and head to Lovell’s Island to            set up camp (Approx. 7min)

12pm  Set up Camp. Get next water taxi toward new island.  I will be explaining   the history of the islands.

1pm    Arrive at new island. Explain brief history and begin first workshop on        photography exploring the grounds.

2pm    Break for Lunch/Snack (Approx. 20 min) continue with workshop and        history

3pm    Head towards dock for next water taxi, depart onto a new island (Approx.   10min)

4pm    Arrive at new island.  Explain brief history and begin first workshop on       photography exploring the grounds.

5pm    Continuing exploring and focusing on photo workshop for that island

6pm    Head towards dick for next water taxi, depart back to our campsite on          Lovell’s Island (Approx. 15 min)

7pm    Break for down time and dinner

8pm    Begin nighttime workshop and discuss photographic techniques

9pm    Continue nighttime workshop and exploring the island

10pm Head back towards camp and release photographers for the evening

 Day 2

9am    Breakfast and break down of campsite

10am  Meet at dock for first water taxi out to new island (Approx. 15 min)

11am Arrive at new island and begin next workshop, continuing with history

12pm  Continue exploring and focusing on photo workshop

1pm    Break for lunch (Approx. 20 min) Head to dock for next water taxi, Depart   and head towards new island

2pm    Arrive at new island, start exploring and continuing workshop

3pm    Continue exploring and focusing on photo workshop

4pm    Head towards dock for water taxi to George’s Island (Approx. 10 min)

5pm    On George’s Island exploring and recapping exploration with           photographers

6pm    Depart on ferry back to Boston. End Workshop

Snacks for lunch and dinner will be provided for everyone, but you will be responsible for bringing your own food. Also, please remember to bring cash if you would like to eat at the Snack Shack on George’s Island.


Equipment List:
Here is an equipment list of important items to bring.

  • Camera (dslr, slr, point and shoot)
  • Camera bag
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tent
  • Bug Spray, Sun Screen
  • Food (snacks) and Water
  • Towel, Bathing suit (optional)
  • Extra clothes (socks, sweatshirt, pants)
  • Flashlight
  • Hiking or comfortable shoes

Each island has at least two park rangers patrolling twenty-four hours a day. All the islands have compostable toilets that are private and clean. George’s and Peddock’s Island both have fresh water; Peddocks Island has a fresh water pond. A first aid kit will be provided. The Coast Guard can arrive in 10 minutes for any type of emergency.

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