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6,426 per km², photographs by Greer Muldowney


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At 6,426 people per km², Hong Kong boasts the most densely populated urban center in the world. The reality of sustainable practices, depletion of resources and a shifting global power paradigm pervade media involving China, and its Western syndicate territory, Hong Kong. By making imagery here, I ask viewers to contemplate these issues, but to also see these places as homes; not statistics. As teh living cities and infrastructure that address cultural standards and progressive technologies. These photographs do not propose a reality so different from the spin of contemporary media, but asks an audience on the other side of the world, the Western world, to reflect on whether these images provide a surrogate for wonderment or trepidation for a changing global climate and future.

Title: 6,426 per km
Artist: Greer Muldowney
Contributors: Paula Tognarelli, curator statement
Publisher: Griffin Museum
Date of publication: 2012
Dimensions: 8″x10″
Number of pages: 15

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