Lafayette City Center Passageway Gallery

[Photo]gogues: New England 2015
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April 24, 2015

Reception April 28, 2015

Jpeg Lo FRes ©Neal Rantoul 06

Neal Rantoul


Matthew Swarts


Sarah Malakoff


Thad Russell

Hollow Man_Bill Franson 72dpi

Bill Franson

J. Ferguson - Figure 66 Lunar craters 2013

Jesseca Ferguson


Lindsey Beal


Daniel Mosher Long


S. Billie Mandle

sixbunnies low res

Mara Trachtenberg

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[Photo]gogues: New England is not a definitive study of New England Photography Pedagogues, rather it is a sampling of faculty members from the region. Paula Tognarelli and Frances Jakubek, executive director and associate director of the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA, invited ten photography instructors to exhibit their work during the Flash Forward Photography Festival 2015 in Boston.

The ten invited instructors are:
Lindsey Beal, Rhode Island College, Jesseca Ferguson, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Bill Franson, New England School of Photography, Daniel Mosher Long, Manchester Community College, Sarah Malakoff, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, S. Billie Mandle, Hampshire College, Neal Rantoul, Northeastern University, Thad Russell, Rhode Island School of Art and Design, Matthew Swarts, Community College of Rhode Island, and Mara Trachtenberg, Community College of Rhode Island.

Our sincere thank you to the Lafayette City Center, the Downtown Boston BID, Magenta Foundation and the Flash Forward Festival Boston 2015 for allowing the Griffin Museum to bring [Photo]gogues to Boston for a third year.

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The hallway links Macy’s with the Hyatt Regency Hotel