Lafayette City Center Passageway Gallery

Various Photographers
February 10, 2015-April 19, 2015
Curated by Paula Tognarelli, executive director and curator of the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA for Duncan Miller Gallery in Santa Monica, California


Charlie Bidwell


Amanda Boe


Diane Pirie Cockerill


Larry Torno

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Curators’ Statement

Since ancient times Man has been mesmerized by the sky. It has inspired us. We’ve written poems and sung about it, and danced by it. Before understanding, we prayed to it and
feared it. Life and tragedy spring from it. We measure our goals against it (sky high) and solve problems because of it (blue skying). The possibilities in life are endless because of it (the sky’s the limit). We have written in it, and rocketed through it, and fallen from it. And alas we have tainted it. The sky can be seen from above and below and it is immense beyond our understanding. We can tell time and find our way by it. It has been described as changing, mocking, moody, vanilla and tangerine. The sky though is
not what it seems to be.

The artists of SKY responded with a wide artistic interpretation of the topic giving way to abstract, representational or conceptual interpretations of “Sky” in all forms of light based media.

Thank you to the artists of SKY. The Griffin Museum of Photography is very proud to be able to share the work of these 41 photographers through this exhibition. What ever happens in life for you, do not ever give up looking upwards.

My thanks go to Daniel Miller of the Duncan Miller Gallery in Santa Monica, California whose vision allowed my dream exhibition to be realized.

The photographers in this show include: Lisa Allen, Janine Autolitano, Karl Baden, Sheri Lynn Behr, Charlie Bidwell, Meg Birnbaum, Amanda Boe, Jeff Boxer, Manuel Cosentino, Lorraine Devon Wilke, Barbara Dorin Hayden, Yorgos Efthymiadis, Lika Fedorenko, Joan Fitzsimmons, Brittonie Fletcher, Jennifer Georgescu, Najib Joe Hakim, Leslie Hall Brown, Alice Hargrave, Carol Isaak, Alyssa Minahan, Susan Keiser, John E. Kelly, Frank Kosempa, Molly Lamb, Susan Lapides, Scott Lerman, Tom Lowe, Jim McKinniss, Yvette Meltzer, Blue Mitchell, Eleanor Owen Kerr, Diane Pirie Cockerill, Anastasia Samoylova, Lynn Saville, Jennifer Schlesinger, Garret Suhrie, Larry Torno, Peter Trieber, Susan Wilson, and Dianne Yudelson

Our thanks to Lafayette City Center and the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District for their support of the Griffin Museum in bringing this exhibit to the public.

Map and Directions to The Lafayette City Center Passageway Gallery
The hallway links Macy’s with the Hyatt Regency Hotel