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37 Photographers / One Model
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May 5, 2016–June 12, 2016

Reception May 12, 2016 6-9 PM


Pippi Ellison


Doug Johnson


Moti Hodis

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Photographs by: Jim Baab, Sudha Basavaraj, Richard Dana, Bill Davison, Yair Egozy, Pippi Ellison, Jim Fesler, Maria Fonseca, David Fox, Tim Heatwole, Moti Hodis, Jerrie Hurd, Doug Johnson, Catherine King, Ryck Lent, Richard Lord, Chris McFarlane, Sepp Meier, Yair Melamed, Ralph Mercer, Thomas Mikelson, Judith Monteferrante, David Parish, Lisa Pelonzi, Lee Post, Larry Pratt, Kathleen Ranney, Karin Rosenthal, Steve Schmidt, Tony Schwartz, Ron St. Jean, Jim Strong, David Thomas. Anthony Wallen, Len Ward, Trish Wright and David Weinberg.

Karin Rosenthal has mentored many on how to photograph nudes in the landscape. Using her students as a base, Karin invited all those who photographed a dancer in his fifties to submit images. Karin juried work from 36 workshop students to create this exhibition in which students and mentor show side by side. The common thread that holds the exhibit together is that the same male model is included in every photograph.

Program Events
May 22 at 3PM Artists’ Dialogue – The Nude: From Object to Subject
Part 1: Teaching the Nude
Part 2: Collaborations

Event Description: Event Description: Arguably the most controversial genre in photography, the Nude is loaded with cultural stereotypes and degrading projections. It also has tremendous potential for wide-ranging, meaningful expression. Karin will discuss her approach to teaching the Nude, followed by workshop students who will dialogue with the model about some of their best collaborations. Joining Karin in conversations about various images in the exhibition will be Jim Baab, Jim Banta, Pippi Ellison, Moti Hodis, Doug Johnson, Ron St. Jean and Tony Schwartz.

June 7 at 7PM Artist Talk -Journeying Within the Human Landscape with Karin Rosenthal

Karin Rosenthal has photographed nudes in the landscape since 1975, finding resonances between body and nature first in traditional photography and, more recently, in digital photography. In this talk, she draws from a variety of series to convey the evolution and range of her motivations and explorations. Using the alchemy of light, water, and the human figure, Rosenthal creates, with one click of the shutter, abstractions and illusions that challenge us to see beyond the predictable.