Griffin Main Gallery

PhotoSynthesis XI
A Collaboration of the Winchester High School and Boston Arts Academy
June 16, 2016–July 10, 2016

Reception: June 16th 7-8:30 PM
Gallery talk with Molly Lamb 6:15 PM

By creating photographic portraits of themselves and their surroundings, students from the Boston Arts Academy and Winchester High School have been exploring their sense of self and place in a unique collaborative program at the Griffin Museum.

In its eleventh year, the 5-month program connects approximately 20 students – from each school – with each other and with professional photographers. The goal is to increase students’ awareness of the art of photography, as well as how being from different programs and different schools affects their approach to the same project.

The students were given the task of creating a body of work that communicates a sense of self and place. They were encouraged to explore the importance of props, the environment, facial expression, metaphor, and body language in portrait photography.

Students met with Camilo Ramirez, a photographer and educator in November. Ramirez explained his process of developing a photo project and discussed his photographs of “The Gulf.”

Marky Kauffmann met with students in February and discussed the path of her photography career. She reminded students that work can come from a very personal
place. Students also met with photographer Sam Sweezy. Sweezy is a professional fine
art and commercial photographer and educator who lives in Arlington, MA. He has exhibited at major photography venues including the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY.

Alison Nordstrom, the former curator of the George Eastman House in Rochester, N.Y., and photographer Sweezy gathered with students for a discussion of their work and
a final edit for the exhibition.

“In collaboration and through creative discourse these students have grown,” said Paula Tognarelli, executive director of the Griffin Museum. “We are very pleased to be able to share this year’s students’ work. We thank the mentors for providing a very meaningful experience for the students. We also want to thank the Griffin Foundation and the Murphy Foundation, whose continued commitment to this project made learning possible. To paraphrase Elliot Eisner, the arts enabled these students to have an experience that they could have from no other source.’’

The results are on exhibit in PhotoSynthesis XI in the Main Gallery of the Griffin Museum June 16 – July 10. An opening reception is Thursday, June 16, 7-8:30 p.m. It is open to all.