Griffin Gallery

A Photographic Survey of The American Yard
Joshua White
June 11, 2015-June 29, 2015
Opening reception June 11, 2015 7 – 8:30 PM
Members talk 6:15 Joan Fitzsimmons


Joshua White


Joshua White


Joshua White

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Joshua White’s photographs are a typological study of the plants, animals, and insects that he come across in his daily life and travels. He captures the images with his iPhone. He says that the phone tool seems fitting, serving as a way to bridge his distracted life and his love of science and nature.

White’s series, A Photographic Survey of the American Yard, is featured in the Griffin Gallery at the Griffin Museum of Photography June 11th through June 29th, 2015. An opening reception will take place on June 11th, 2015 from 7-8:30pm. Joan Fitzsimmons will lead a members’ talk and at 6:15pm before the reception. The talk and reception are free and open to the public.

“I love hearing the cicadas come out in summer, and getting tobacco juice from a grasshopper on my fingers, and catching lightning bugs in a pickle jar,” says White. “The world is full of intricate, remarkable forms,” he says. “We take for granted our place in nature, trading sensitivity to our surroundings for greater productivity and progress.”

Joshua White is an assistant professor in the Studio Art Program at Appalachian State University. He received his BFA from Northern Kentucky University, and an MFA in Photography from Arizona State University. His work explores scientific themes in a poetic way, using sculpture, photography, and mixed media to investigate memory, mortality, ecology, and sustainability. His images have been shown in national venues such as the San Diego Museum of Natural History’s Ordover Gallery and The Huntsville Museum of Art. Recently his work has been featured widely online in publications such as Scientific American, Wired Magazine, Mother Nature Network, and Gizmodo, among others. He lives in works near Boone, NC with his family.