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The Photography Atelier 22 and Atelier 2.0 will present an exhibit of student artwork from September 10th to September 28th, 2015. The Atelier is a course for intermediate and advanced photographers offered by the Griffin Museum of Photography. The Atelier … Continue reading

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Nourish” is an exhibition consisting of five photographers’ work that is inspired by food as subject matter. Each artist makes a connection with food in a unique way. “Nourish” assembled by the Griffin Museum of Photography is brought to the … Continue reading

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Carol Isaak, Myanmar Tapestry

Because Myanmar (formally called Burma), abuts southern China, it is easy to imagine that one is an extension of the other. But, nineteen thousand foot high mountains divide the two countries, creating by necessity distinct cultures. In Myanmar, although primarily … Continue reading

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Carol Isaak Layers of Illusion

Carol Isaak ‘s photographs are what she calls “optical jokes about three dimensional space that is compressed into two dimensions eliciting questions about the subject.” Isaak’s’ Layers of Illusion will be featured in the Griffin Museum’s Atelier Gallery at the … Continue reading

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Mark Thayer

This seascape series began in January of 2014. I live on the north shore of Massachusetts, within sight of the ocean, and I’ve spent many hundreds of hours patrolling the New England coastline, observing and discovering the personalities of its … Continue reading

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Steven Duede

Statement: In much of my work I’m dealing with subjects that are in a transitory state. The Evanescence series features images from composted organic materials. In this body of work I’m exploring the mechanics of transition through time, neglect and … Continue reading

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Noritaka Minami 1972

Noritaka Minami has been photographing the Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo for the past four years. Minami’s series is featured in the Atelier Gallery at the Griffin Museum of Photography July 9th through August 30th, 2015. An opening reception will … Continue reading

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Lindsey Beal Transmission

Lindsey Beal’s work usually combines history with contemporary women’s lives and feminism with historical photographic processes. She is interested in the photograph as object and often includes sculpture, papermaking and artist books into her work. The photographs in Transmission were … Continue reading

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21st Juried Show: The Peter Urban Legacy Exhibition

The juror for the Griffin’s Juried show this year was Jim Casper. Jim started LensCulture in 2004 to explore the diverse ways photography is used in the arts, media and daily life in cultures around the world. Since then, Lens … Continue reading

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Chris Anthony, Seas Without a Shore

Los Angeles-based photographer and filmmaker Chris Anthony’s photographs are fashioned from his childhood fiction-filled reading habits. He was drawn to characters from mythology, to mystery and horror stories and to poems by Edgar Allen Poe. His favorite protagonists include deities, … Continue reading

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