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Arthur Griffin

Arthur Griffin

Arthur Griffin was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts on September 12, 1903. Originally trained to be an illustrator, in 1929 he picked up his first camera — a second-hand folding Brownie — and thus began a passion that would last a lifetime.

By the mid-1930’s, Arthur Griffin had become the exclusive photographer for the newly created Boston Globe Rotogravure Magazine and the New England photojournalist for Life and Time magazines. He went on to become a pioneer in the use of color film and provided the first color photographs to appear in the Saturday Evening Post — a two-page layout on New England.

The Boston Public Library has been digitizing photo archives, books, maps, manuscripts, prints, and other library materials so that they may be accessible online. The goal of this project is to grow and support Digital Commonwealth, a consolidated statewide digital library system. The BPL has been digitizing the Arthur Griffin Archive.

Here you will find a portion of Arthur Griffin’s vast archive that has been scanned and identified by the Boston Public Library for the Digital Commonwealth.

And here at the Digital Public Library of America. Ignore The first Arthur Griffin death certificate found. This is a different Arthur Griffin.