About the Griffin Museum of Photography

Opened in 1992, the Griffin Museum is the embodiment of founder Arthur Griffin’s passion — to promote an appreciation of photographic art and a broader understanding of its visual, emotional, and social impact. Arthur’s goal was to share with visitors his enthusiasm for a medium that is diverse, imaginative and informative. We are committed to continuing to encourage Arthur’s vision through the works we exhibit, the programs we offer, the artists we encourage and through Arthur’s own work which we proudly display.

Today, the Griffin Museum houses three galleries, and 4 satellite galleries dedicated solely to the exhibition of photographic arts.

Main Gallery

Clare Carter
  • 20th Juried Show: The Peter Urban Legacy Exhibition
  • Selected Photographers
  • Jul-10 -Aug-31, 2014

Opening reception July 10, 2014 7-8:30 PM RSVP required
Aline Smithson talk at 5:30 PM July 10. Free for members $7 nonmembers RSVP required

The Main Gallery

The largest of our three galleries, the Main Gallery is a showcase for rotating exhibitions from some of the world’s leading photographers. We take pride in showing prestigious bodies of work from diverse photographic genres, ranging from photojournalism to contemporary art, and historical to social commentary. Our exhibitions have featured the work of such photographic luminaries as Edward Weston, Sebastião Salgado and Edward Curtis, as well as contemporary iconoclast Jan Staller and celebrity photographer Peggy Sirota.

Griffin Gallery

Marjorie Salvaterra
  • Her
  • Marjorie Salvaterra
  • Jul-10 -Jul-31, 2014

Opening reception July 10, 2014 7-8:30 PM RSVP required
Gallery talk 5:30 with Aline Smithson. Members Free. Nonmembers $7.00

Atelier Gallery

Rafael Soldi
  • Sentiment
  • Rafael Soldi
  • Jul-10 -Aug-31, 2014

Opening reception July 10, 2014 7-8:30 PM RSVP required

Aline Smithson talk 5:30 July 10, 2014 free for members $7 nonmembers

The Griffin Gallery and the Atelier Gallery

At the Griffin Museum, we are constantly reviewing works by new photographers with an eye toward capturing who the next great artist will be. Our Atelier and Griffin Gallery is reserved specifically for showcasing these artists, providing a rare opportunity to view their work before they are widely known.

The Griffin Museum at Digital Silve r Imaging

John Wyatt
  • Under my Skin
  • John Wyatt
  • Jul-24 -Oct-3, 2014

Opening reception with book signing Oct. 2, 2014 6-8 PM

Aberjona River Gallery

R. Lee Post
  • Anima Mundi
  • R. Lee Post
  • Mar-25 -Aug-31, 2014

Opening reception April 29, 2014 6-7:30

Stoneham Theater

Bill Chapman
  • The Color of Baseball
  • Bill Chapman
  • Aug-14 -Oct-16, 2014

Opening reception August 20 6:30 – 8 PM

Cambridge Homes

R. Lee Post
  • Anima Mundi
  • R. Lee Post
  • Sep-9 -Nov-3, 2014

Lafayette City Center Hallway

R. Lee Post
  • Anima Mundi
  • R. Lee Post
  • Sep-9 -Nov-3, 2014

Satellite Galleries

The Griffin Museum also has four satellite galleries located in surrounding towns. We have a gallery in Stoneham, at the Stoneham Theatre, in Belmont at Digital Silver Imaging, in Cambridge at the Cambridge Homes and in Winchester on Swanton Street at the Aberjona Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. See our links for current exhibits details.

About Arthur Griffin

Arthur Griffin

Arthur Griffin

Arthur Griffin was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts on September 12, 1903. Originally trained to be an illustrator, in 1929 he picked up his first camera — a second-hand folding Brownie — and thus began a passion that would last a lifetime.

By the mid-1930’s, Arthur Griffin had become the exclusive photographer for the newly created Boston Globe Rotogravure Magazine and the New England photojournalist for Life and Time magazines. He went on to become a pioneer in the use of color film and provided the first color photographs to appear in the Saturday Evening Post — a two-page layout on New England.