Aberjona River Gallery

Anima Mundi
Photographs by R. Lee Post
March 25, 2014-August 31, 2014
Opening reception April 29, 2014 6-7:30

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R. Lee Post

R.Lee Post, Puddle Person Blues, from Anima Mundi series

R. Lee Post

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R.Lee Post, Puddle Person Blues, from Anima Mundi series thumbnail

R. Lee Post has been finding appearances of Anima Mundi when photographing in the natural world. Anima Mundi is described by Jungian psychologist as “that soul-spark, that seminal image, which offers itself through each thing in its visible form.”

A series of Post’s photographs, Anima Mundi, is featured at the Griffin Museum at Aberjona River Gallery in Winchester, MA, March 25 through May 27, 2014. An opening reception with the artist will take place on April 29, 2014 from 6 – 7:30 PM.

“In unexpected places I discover and photograph fantastic faces, lyrical dancers, cartoon characters, archetypal figures and sometimes surreal or demonic subjects, “ says Post. “These appearances are often like Rorchach imagery with multiple interpretations.” She adds, “By photographing my interpretations of Anima Mundi, I hope to encourage others to see more soulfully and become more aware that spirit permeates everything.”

R. Lee Post is a Cambridge-based photographer and a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design receiving her MFA in photography studying with Harry Callahan and other photography greats.

The Griffin Museum at the Aberjona River Gallery is at the Aberjona Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, 184 Swanton St., Winchester, MA. It is open seven days a week, 11 AM – 5 PM. Visitors should enter at the parking lot entrance and see the receptionist.

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