Virtual Gallery

Elliot Schildkrout
July 5, 2016–October 31, 2016

These portfolios, Agave and Internal Landscapes, are related and hark back to themes I put aside thirty years ago. The photographs reflect my turn towards meditation, spiritual reflection, and aging wisely, practices that, on a good day, lead me to a sense of awe at the harmonious complexity of the natural world. I am trying to capture that harmony with these images.

I feel deeply that photography is uniquely positioned to capture the fluctuating edge between the real and the abstract. From another vantage point, it creates a dialogue between the outside world and our internal experience of it. Meditation helps us be in the moment, and to see how difficult that is. My work is trying to capture something of this noisy dialogue between our internal experience and what we see.

I hope viewers will move beyond questioning “what is that?” to a deeper body experience, one not unlike the viewing of abstract art, but with photography’s unique demand to always have one foot in the real. The palate of leaves, agave, sand, and changing light might stand alone as single photographs, but they have become less important to me than the flow of images linked by light, structure, and color. This is a different music that can happen when images stand side by side.

The energy of these sequences and their reference to nature’s harmony allows me to slow down, to look more closely, and to try to be more fully in the moment. By inviting viewers to participate with me, and it does take some work, I hope to hand back some of this stillness and quiet complexity.