20th Juried Exhibition

Griffin Museum of Photography
Peter Urban Legacy 20th Annual Juried Exhibition

Juror: Aline Smithson
Exhibition dates: July 10-August 31, 2014
Opening reception: July 10th, 2014 @7pm
67 Shore Road, Winchester MA 01890

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Lecture with Aline Smithson
on Professional Development
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July 10th, 2014 @ 5:30pm
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The Griffin Museum of Photography would like to thank Aline Smithson, The Peter Urban family and the Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston for making this exhibition possible.

Exhibiting Artists:

Bob Avakian
Susan S. Bank
Allison Barnes
Sheri Lynn Behr
Christa Blackwood
Julia Bradshaw
Stephanie Brunia
Brad Carlile
Clare Carter, Peter Urban Legacy Award
Joy Christiansen Erb
Gerhard Clausing
Francis Crisafio
Magela Crosignani
Katrina dAutremont
Frances F. Denny
K.K. DePaul
Yorgos Efthymiadis
Pippi Ellison
Gregg Evans
Martha Fleming-Ives
Amy Friend
Jay Gould
Deborah Hamon
Brett Henrikson
Keiko Hiromi, Honorable Mention
Stephanie Kaznocha
Susan Keiser
Asia Kepka
Minho Kim
Bear Kirkpatrick
Sandra Klein
Kristianne Koch Riddle
Molly Lamb
Al Levin
Yijun Liao
Ben Marcin
Jennifer McClure, Arthur Griffin Legacy Award
Yvette Meltzer
Hye-Ryoung Min
Blue Mitchell
Lazaro Montano
Skip Montello
Richard Moore
Cade Overton
Linda Pagani
Pamela Pecchio
Suzanne Revy
Laura Beth Reese
Michelle Rogers Pritzl
Eleonora Ronconi
Greg Sand, Honorable Mention
Jane Lena Schulman
Kate Shannon
Michael Stepansky
Millee Tibbs
Santiago Vanegas
Samuel Walker, Griffin Award
Claire A. Warden
Susan Worsham, Honorable Mention
Kalman Zabarsky

This year we will be hosting another 60 artists that had applied to the show in our Virtual Gallery!

Rashed Haq

Rashed Haq, Beggar, from the series Getting By

Karen Larson-Voltz

Karen Larson-Voltz, You Stand Here and I Will Stand Over There

Cynthia Bittenfield

Cynthia Bittenfield, Abstract #2, "from the series: Walking the Wall"

Grace Weston

Grace Weston, Socialite

Rick	Ashley

Rick Ashley, Michael #120228

Caroline Dorn

Carolin Dorn, Untitled, Plate ii

Jack Dziamba

Jack Dziamba, Melissa R.

Bill Chapman

Bill Chapman, Boston Marathon Memorial, 2013

Steven Dueden

Steven Dueden, EvanescentXIV

Russell Hart

Russell Hart, Untitled

Samantha VanDeman

Samantha VanDeman, Television Room

Steve Engelmann

Steve Engelmann, Nautilus pompilius 0

Jeremy Underwood

Jeremy Underwood, Plastic Bottle Debris Circle

David Wolf

David Wolf, Oranges and Stones

Joyce P. Lopez

Joyce P. Lopez, Trees-Looking Up

David Mattox

David Mattox, Cigarette

Kurt	 Simonson

Kurt Simonson, Brooke

Anne Gabriele

Anne Gabriele, Surf #77

Nicholas	Gaffney

Nicholas Gaffney, Behind Kmart (Snowbank and Sign)

Valerie Y.O Kim

Valerie Y.O Kim, Wailea Dark Sky Too

Francisco Diaz and Deb Young

Francisco Diaz and Deb Young, Innocence + Guilt

David Gardner

David Gardner, Group Campfire. Quartzsite, AZ

Desiree Edkins

Desiree Edkins, Sparklers

Adam J. Long

Adam J. Long, Ricky and Esther

Margaret Lampert

Margaret Lampert, Gregory

Toni Pepe

Toni Pepe, Untitled (from series The Second Moment)

Christine Pearl

Christine Pearl, Last Car Running 2

Rita	Koehler

Rita Koehler, 7 "Untitled" (Robert and Paul), 2012

Dennis Ditto

Dennis Ditto, The Potter

Brian Kaplan

Brian Kaplan, Southfleet Motor Inn

Jurgen Kedesdy

Jurgen Kedesdy, Urban Waters #5

Jane Paradise

Jane Paradise, Mosquito Netting & Chimney

Roberta	Neidigh

Roberta Neidigh, Property Line White Shed

JK Lavin

JK Lavin, Full Moon Shadow #2

Frank Armstrong

Frank Armstrong, South Charleston, Ohio 2012

Bruce Morton

Bruce Morton, Intersections 3882

Nancy Hellebrand

Nancy Hellebrand, How She Was

38_Clark_Rebecca copy

Rebecca Clark, Trespass

Lori	Pond

Lori Pond, Bear

Michael Joseph

Michael Joseph, Sophie

Robert Moran

Robert Moran, Sand-Worn Glasses - Timbuktu, Mali

Alejandra Carles-Tolra

Alejandra Carles-Tolra, Kollmer Elsewhere

Zoe	Perry-Wood

Zoe Perry-Wood, Kaitlyn, from the BAGLY Prom Series

Andi Schreiber

Andi Schreiber, Lighten Up

Calli McCaw

Calli McCaw, Untitled, from the series Canon of Art

Russ Rowland

Russ Rowland, Through The Looking Glass 3

Dick Simon

Dick Simon, Horn Player

Brian Christopher Sargent

Brian Christopher Sargent, Anatomy of a Corner #3

Carrie Tomberlin

Carrie Tomberlin, Inevitable

Jessica McCoy

Jessica McCoy, Bern

Ron Snider

Ron Snider, Waiting on The Loop

Terri Gold

Terri Gold, Mothers and Children of the Suri

David Welch

David Welch, Draining Chickens

Christopher Chadbourne

Christopher Chadbourne, Faith

Sara Macel

Sara Macel, Dennis Anthony Macel, Hitchcock, Texas

Stacy Swiderski

Stacy Swiderski, Ivan

Tina Tryforos

Tina Tryforos, seven.4.max

Susan Swihart

Susan Swihart, Road

Amanda Tinker

Amanda Tinker, Untitled (Julian with Dots)

Jane Szabo

Jane Szabo, Superman

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Jack Dziamba thumbnail
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Steven Dueden thumbnail
Russell Hart thumbnail
Samantha VanDeman thumbnail
Steve Engelmann thumbnail
Jeremy Underwood thumbnail
David Wolf thumbnail
Joyce P. Lopez thumbnail
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Kurt	 Simonson thumbnail
Anne Gabriele thumbnail
Nicholas	Gaffney thumbnail
Valerie Y.O Kim thumbnail
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David Gardner thumbnail
Desiree Edkins thumbnail
Adam J. Long thumbnail
Margaret Lampert thumbnail
Toni Pepe thumbnail
Christine Pearl thumbnail
Rita	Koehler thumbnail
Dennis Ditto thumbnail
Brian Kaplan thumbnail
Jurgen Kedesdy thumbnail
Jane Paradise thumbnail
Roberta	Neidigh thumbnail
JK Lavin thumbnail
Frank Armstrong thumbnail
Bruce Morton thumbnail
Nancy Hellebrand thumbnail
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Michael Joseph thumbnail
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Calli McCaw thumbnail
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Jessica McCoy thumbnail
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Amanda Tinker thumbnail
Jane Szabo thumbnail

Frank Armstrong
Rick Ashley
Cynthia Bittenfield
Alejandra Carles-Tolra
Christopher Chadbourne
Bill Chapman
Rebecca Clark
Francisco Diaz
Deb Young
Dennis Ditto
Caroline Dorn
Steven Duede
Jack Dziamba
Desiree Edkins
Steve Engelmann
Anne Gabriele
Nicholas Gaffney
David Gardner
Terri Gold
Rashed Haq
Russell Hart
Nancy Hellebrand
Michael Joseph
Brian Kaplan
Jurgen Kedesdy
Valerie Y.O Kim
Rita Koehler
Margaret Lampert
Karen Larson-Voltz
J. K. Lavin
Adam J. Long
Joyce P. Lopez
Sara Macel
David Mattox
Calli McCaw
Jessica McCoy
Robert Moran
Bruce Morton
Roberta Neidigh
Jane Paradise
Christine Pearl
Toni Pepe
Zoe Perry-Wood
Lori Pond
Russ Rowland
Brian Christopher Sargent, Critic’s Pick by Aline Smithson
Andi Schreiber
Dick Simon
Kurt Simonson
Ron Snider
Stacy Swiderski
Susan Swihart
Jane Szabo
Amanda Tinker
Carrie Tomberlin
Tina Tryforos
Jeremy Underwood
Samantha VanDeman
David Welch
Grace Weston
David Wolf

The Griffin Museum is happy to extend exhibitions to four artists not chosen for the Juried Exhibition! Congratulations to the artists who will be showing in 2015:

Lindsey Beal
Joan Fitzsimmons
Noritaka Minami
Joshua White

JUROR: Aline Smithson
After a career as a New York Fashion Editor, Aline Smithson is currently represented by galleries in the U.S. and Europe and published throughout the world. Aline founded the blogzine, LENSCRATCH, has been the Gallery Editor for Light Leaks Magazine, and a contributing writer for numerous publications. She reviews and teaches workshops at photography festivals across the United States, is a juror for a various organizations, and has been teaching at the Los Angeles Center of Photography since 2001. In 2012, she received the Rising Star Award from the Griffin Museum of Photography for her contributions to the photographic community.

I would like to extend an enormous thank you to Paula Tognarelli, Frances Jakubek, and the staff at the Griffin Museum for creating so many opportunities for emerging and established photographers. It is truly an an amazing organization, and needless to say, I was humbled and honored to be asked to juror The Griffin Museum’s 20th Juried Exhibition. I approached the task with equal parts excitement and trepidation. As someone who has submitted to dozens (ok, hundreds) of calls for entry over the years, I know how much time, effort, and expense it takes to submit work to a competition. I thank you and salute you for making the effort. To be truthful, I have also received far more rejection than acceptance letters and so please know that with each image I had to part ways with, I could feel your disappointment.

For the process of jurying, I spent many days looking at and revisiting several thousand images, considering each and every photograph, reading the statements and working to understand your intentions. First, I went through all the images and selected photographs that I felt were strong, unique, and well captured. I then went through the images again and read the statements.

I am continually seeking to understand why work becomes successful and moves to the next level. I have observed that success comes from work that is made over time—time that allows for further contemplation, exploration, and a revisiting of subject matter, because as you grow as a photographer, your work grows too. Success also comes from work that has a technical level of excellence—not over sharpened, not over saturated, smartly captured and executed. And finally, success comes to work that has meaningful articulation and brings something new to the photographic dialogue. That articulation that isn’t about what is obvious, but deeper thinking that is connected to something in your core that compels you to make the work.

I looked at hundreds of images about water—waves and reflections, I looked at hundreds of images of abandoned spaces—peeling paint and empty rooms; there were photographs of parents’ and grandparents’ homes and collections of items left for the next generation; there were many images of architectural abstractions. I saw a number of terrific narrative projects that had more power as a whole than with single images, and I saw lots of work that was right on the cusp of being remarkable but needed more time to percolate and grow. I looked at hundreds of images that were lovely photographs but did not have the weight of intention behind the work. In a world when every single living thing has been photographed or has a camera, it’s that deep thinking that moves the work into the next level. And finally, I saw lots of work that I was familiar with, that I have featured on Lenscratch and am a fan of, but for this exhibition, I had to become less of an editor and be more of a curator, setting the bar for an exciting and forward thinking exhibition, reflecting work that not only appeals to my own aesthetic, but work that is looking beyond the view finder.

Congratulations to the photographers, whose work was selected for the walls and for the online exhibition, and know there were many, many more photographs I would have loved to include. And to all, continued successes to all on your photographic journeys!

ABOUT THE EXHIBITION & PETER URBAN:The 20th Annual Juried Exhibition at the Griffin Museum will be named in honor of Peter Urban, a celebrated, Boston-based photographer who passed away in 2009 after a long battle with cancer. Urban was renowned for his success in both the commercial and artistic realm. Arlette Kayafas, who represented Urban’s art at Gallery Kayafas, said that while some photographers find it difficult to move from advertising to artistic endeavors, “Peter was the exception, because his commercial work was like his fine arts work. When he worked with clients, he saw them as the human beings they were. Peter’s work was always about people.’’

In the spirit of Peter’s success creating a career with a balance of commercial and artistic work, his family has partnered with the Arts & Business Council and the Griffin Museum of Photography to produce opportunities for other photographers to grow their careers.

“It is only right that the Griffin’s twentieth juried exhibition be named in honor of Peter Urban,” says Paula Tognarelli, executive director of the Griffin Museum of Photography. “Peter’s first solo exhibition was at the Griffin in 2005. His gallery talk that accompanied his show was to a capacity audience. You could feel the love in that room that day.”

Alongside the juried exhibition, the Arts and Business Council is organizing a series of professional development workshops presented by a diverse range of thought leaders. These workshops will share instrumental ideas, methods and tools to help build the business and legal foundation of a thriving artistic practice.